E3 Will Return In 2023 As A Physical And Digital Show

"There’s a really strong desire for people to convene–to be able to connect in person and see each other and talk about what makes games great."


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Summer Game Fest is in full swing with new game reveals, release date announcements, updates, and more. Featuring a special guest.

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E3 returns next year





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E3 isn’t dead just yet as ESA plans physical show for 2023

E3 isn’t dead just yet as ESA plans physical show for 2023.
Geoff Keighley’s Summer Game Fest, as well as other digital gaming showcase livestreams coming this summer, have proven that the gaming industry doesn’t need E3, which was canceled this year for the second time in two years to reduce health risks associated with the COVID-19 pandemic.
However, the Entertainment Software Association (ESA) is telling everyone not to count it out just yet.
Gaming’s governing body has announced that E3 will be returning in 2023.
ESA President and CEO Stan Pierre-Louis said in an interview with The Washington Post that E3 2023 will combine both in-person and digital elements.
He attributed the success of last year’s virtual E3 to the expanse of its reach to fans and journalists around the world who couldn’t afford to fly to Los Angeles for the convention or couldn’t attend it for other reasons.
He added that people still want to connect and network with each other in person.
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���� E3 2023 Run By PAX Is A GREAT Outcome! ��

E3 2023 has been confirmed and will be run by the PAX group. It’s exciting to finally have e3 2023 news to share and we can certainly look forward to e3 2023 leaks as we get closer to the actual date (its a year from now).

We don’t know what the e3 2023 games will be but it’s safe to assume that Nintendo, Sony & Microsoft will be in attendance. A e3 2023 nintendo switch event would be a big deal as I have predicted a Switch Pro or Switch 2 will likely be shown! this is also exciting as Nintendo was the first to stop attending E3 and so returning for a E3 2023 Nintendo event would be a big win.

E3 2023 ps5 is almost guaranteed as it’s Sony’s latest console and maybe a release date for the PSVR 2 will be showcased. Of course, a e3 2023 ps4 will be present in some form or shape because there are still 100+ Million Owners just itching to buy new Games who have not migrated over to the PS5 yet (and likely due to shortages have not been able to buy one anyway).

By watching my video, you will see this is more than a typical e3 2023 reaction as I explain why the return of E3 is a good thing. I don’t think E3 is bad but changes are needed to not be an over priced event. What will be reveal ‘ d and what trailers will we see? What Games will be shown and news? Well, frankly it’s waay to early now but I’ll keep you all posted here on Gaming My Whole Life.

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���� E3 2023 Run By PAX Is A GREAT Outcome! ��