Elden Ring – Latenna Quest Guide

Completing her quest will net you a powerful Spirit Summon, access to the Consecrated Snowfield, and a precious Somber Ancient Dragon Smithing Stone.

Elden Ring: All Quests in Order + Missable Content – Ultimate Guide – Part 7 (Miquella’s Haligtree)

Elden Ring Walkthrough of all Quests, NPCs, Invaders, and other missable content, in order. The Best and Most Complete Elden Ring Guide.
In Part 7, we complete start by collecting many Ancient Dragon Smithing Stones and useful itmes, and the fully explore Miquella’s Haligtree.

0:00 – Intro and overview of Quests for Dung Eater and Millicent, Recap of Part 6
0:43 – Final step of Roderika’s Quest (Crimson Hood)
1:25 – Somber Ancient Dragon Smithing Stone (Mohgwyn Palace)
1:50 – Ancient Dragon Smithing Stone (Cave of the Forlorn)
2:16 – Ancient Dragon Smithing Stone and Knight’s Cavalry Armor Set
2:51 – Ancient Dragon Smithing Stone (Yelough Anix Tunnel)
3:27 – Great-Jar’s Trial Quest (Great-Jar’s Arsenal Talisman)
4:10 – Where to get Flame of the Redmanes Ash of War
4:30 – Where to get Bloodhound’s Step Ash of War
4:50 – Bell Bearing Hunter at Isolated Merchant’s Shack (Gravity Stone Peddler’s Bell Bearing)
5:15 – War-Dead Catacombs – Where to get Redmane Knight Ogha (Legendary Ashen Remains)
6:48 – Tombsward Catacombs – Where to get Lhutel the Headless (Legendary Ashen Remains)
8:15 – Sainted Hero’s Grave – Where to get Ancient Dragon Knight Kristoff (Legendary Ashen Remains)
11:02 – Haligtree Walkthrough – Canopy
12:01 – Haligtree Walkthrough – Town (Ancient Dragon Smithing Stone)
12:47 – Haligtree Walkthrough – Town Plaza (Loretta’s War Sickle, Loretta’s Mastery)
13:53 – Haligtree Walkthrough – Promenade (Ancient Dragon Smithing Stone)
14:20 – Millicent Quest – Prayer Room – and Gowry Dialogue
14:54 – Where to get Marika’s Soreseal (Legendary Talisman) and Somber Ancient Dragon Smithing Stone
15:43 – Seedbed Curse #4
16:19 – Cleanrot Knight Finlay (Legendary Ashen Remains), Seedbed Curse #5, and Somber Ancient Dragon Smithing Stone
17:58 – Sewer-Gaol Walkthrough
18:39 – Completing Dung Eater’s Quest (Omen Armor Set, Mending Rune of the Fell Curse)
19:05 – Haligtree Walkthrough – Elphael Inner Wall
20:30 – How to get to Putrid Tree Spirit Boss and Strategy for Melee Builds (Great Grave Glovewort)
21:15 – Easy to miss Gowry interaction “Why are you crying?”
21:40 – WARNING: Important Choice – Millicent’s Fate, Assist or Challenge?
21:58 – Assist Millicent Rewards (Miquella’s Needle, Rotten Winged Sword Insignia, Somber Ancient Dragon Smithing Stone, Flock’s Canvas Talisman*)
22:48 – Challenge Millicent Rewards (Millicent’s Prosthesis, Flock’s Canvas Talisman, Millicent Lives*)
23:32 – Why Miquella’s Needle is Important – How to spare Melina
24:13 – How to escape becoming the Lord of Frenzied Flame (Assist Millicent to get Miquella’s Needle)
24:52 – The Frenzied Flame can be inherited AFTER picking a different Game Ending
25:23 – Millicent Quest (Unalloyed Gold Needle if you Assisted Millicent)
25:51 – Gowry Story/Quest Ending (Flock’s Canvas Talisman)
26:30 – Where to get Dragoncrest Greatshield (Legendary Talisman)
27:18 – Where to get Ghost Glovewort Picker’s Bell Bearing [3]
28:01 – Where to get Traveler’s (Millicent’s) Armor Set
28:15 – Malenia Boss Strategy
29:11 – How to get Miquella’s Needle and Somber Ancient Dragon Smithing Stone (Millicent Quest Ending)
29:30 – Ancient Dragon Smithing Stone (Church of Repose)
29:49 – Alexander Quest (Fire Giant Boss Fight)
30:22 – WARNING: Important Choice
30:52 – Inherit the Frenzied Flame to spare Millicent? (Miquella’s Needle Recommended)
31:09 – Hyetta’s Quest (Frenzied Flame Seal) and Shabriri’s Quest (Ronin’s Armor Set
31:27 – How to burn the Erdtree (“Talk to Melina” and “Listen to the Sounds of Flame”)
31:51 – Crumbling Farum Azula Walkthrough (to first Site of Grace)
31:58 – Things to do and NOT to do before watching Part 8
32:18 – Closing Remarks and where to get more help with quests covered in this video

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Lord of Blood’s Exultation Talisman: https://youtu.be/ovLTVr4zalU
Monk’s Flameblade: https://youtu.be/xmkpOtlrNB8
Albinauric Pots: https://youtu.be/lBh1s6yJP7g
Night’s Cavalry (Black Knight) Armor Set: https://youtu.be/Sx95E6-gDzw
Skeletal Mask/Sage’s Cave Guide: https://youtu.be/HXojlMTDJJo
Silver Scarab Talisman: https://youtu.be/kWDR-MtlPNo

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Elden Ring: Full Rya Questline (Complete Guide) – All Choices, Endings, and Rewards Explained

All Quest steps for Rya NPC in Elden Ring. This questline rewards you with many unique items, including: Daedicar’s Woe, Zoraya’s Letter, Taker’s Cameo, Hoslow’s Armor Set, Hoslow’s Petal Whip, Scaled Armor Set, Tonic of Forgetfulness, Noble Presence, Godskin Stitcher, Serpentbone Blade, Magma Shot, and more. Rya’s quest involves Blackguard Big Boggart, Tanith, Patches, and the Volcano Manor.

0:00 – Intro and overview of rewards from Rya’s Quest
0:15 – Where to first find Rya in Liurnia (Optional)
0:32 – Where to find Blackguard (Boiled Prawn Shack) and how to get Rya’s Necklace (Optional)
0:53 – How to give Rya’s Necklace to Rya and how to get Volcano Manor Invitation
1:00 – Where to find Rya after Liurnia (Location 1 – Grand Lift of Dectus)
1:17 – How to activate Grand Lift of Dectus (Dectus Medallion Locations)
1:48 – Where to find Rya after Liurnia (Location 2 – Erdtree Gazing Hill)
2:10 – How to go to Volcano Manor with Rya
2:17 – How to get to Volcano Manor on Foot (Skips previous steps in Rya’s Questline)
2:52 – How to start Volcano Manor quests (Speak with Tanith)
3:09 – Quick warning about missing Blackguard Big Boggart’s Questline
3:18 – Where to first find Rya in Volcano Manor (Banquet Room)
3:35 – Volcano Manor First Target Request (Old Knight Istvan) How to get Scaled Armor Set
3:48 – Rewards for first Volcano Manor Target Request (Magma Shot)
3:56 – Where to find Rya after first Volcano Manor Request (Private Room – in Zorayas Form)
4:09 – Optional Tanith Dialogue (Zoraya’s form)
4:14 – Volcano Manor Second Target Request (Rileigh the Idle) How to get Crepus’s Vial
4:38 – Rewards for second Volcano Manor Target Request (Serpentbone Blade)
4:47 – Where to find Rya after second Volcano Manor Request (Private Room – in Rya Form)
4:57 – How to get to Prison Town Church Site of Grace in Volcano Manor
5:26 – What to do after reaching Prison Town Church (open doors and return to Rya)
5:35 – How to tell Rya of the dark side of Volcano Manor
5:43 – Optional Tanith Dialogue (Zoraya’s troubles)
5:50 – How to get to Guest Hall Site of Grace
7:02 – How to get to Temple of Eiglay Site of Grace
8:00 – Where to get Noble Presence Incantation and Godskin Stitcher Weapon
8:12 – Where to get Serpent’s Amnion
8:22 – How to give Serpent’s Amnion to Rya
8:30 – How to get the Tonic of Forgetfulness – Dialogue with Tanith (Zoraya’s absence)
9:04 – Where to find Rya after giving her Serpent’s Amnion (Near Temple of Eiglay Site of Grace)
10:10 – Raya’s exact map location in Volcano Manor Legacy Dungeon (it’s at 10:21)
10:16 – Major choices/endings for Raya’s Questline (3 Options)
10:22 – What happens if you put Rya out of her misery, oblige her request
10:34 – What happens if you give Rya the Tonic of Forgetfulness
11:04 – What happens if you do nothing to Rya (do this to get Zoraya’s Letter)
11:27 – Quick note about remaining explorable region of Volcano Manor (can be returned to later)
11:47 – WAIT to defeat God-Devouring Serpent/Rykard because it closes all Volcano Manor Quests
11:53 – What to do BEFORE defeating Rykard #1 (Final Volcano Manor Target Request)
12:07 – How to get to Mountaintops of the Giants (How to get Grand Lift of Rold)
12:21 – How to get to Grand Lift of Rold from Avenue Balcony Site of Grace
12:33 – How to get to Juno Hoslow, Knight of Blood
12:46 – How to get Hoslow’s Petal Whip and Hoslow’s Armor Set
13:01 – Rewards for Final Volcano Manor Target Request (Taker’s Cameo Talisman)
13:13 – What to do BEFORE defeating Rykard #2 (Patches and Bernahl Volcano Manor Requests – Overview of Rewards)
13:57 – Easy way to get to God-Devouring Serpent/Rykard boss fight & cheese strategy (as the developers intended)
14:21 – How to get Rykard’s Rancor and Blasphemous Blade
14:31 – Where to find Rya after defeating Rykard, Lord of Blasphemy
14:37 – Last opportunity to give Tonic of Forgetfulness to Rya (and what else you can do with it)
15:00 – Don’t give Rya the Tonic of Forgetfulness, Quest Ending (How to get Zoraya’s Letter and Daedicar’s Woe Talisman)
15:14 – Attacking Rya, Quest Ending (Daedicar’s Woe only, and sadness)
15:23 – Where to find Rya after giving her the Tonic of Forgetfulness
15:43 – Giving Rya Tonic of Forgetfulness, Quest Ending (Daedicar’s Woe only, and vagueness)
15:58 – Closing statements and where to find additional help for Rya’s Quest
16:05 – Stats and descriptions for Rya Questline-related rewards (Most of them), actually starts at 15:58

Blackguard Big Boggart Questline: https://youtu.be/hKHeVPzlG4U
Patches Questline: https://youtu.be/QmjBZifDJnM
Bernahl Questline: coming soon

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Elden Ring: All Quests in Order + Missable Content – Ultimate Guide – Part 2 (Liurnia)

Elden Ring Walkthrough of all Quests, NPCs, Invaders, and other missable content, in order. The Best and Most Complete Elden Ring Guide, great for new/beginner players, but also if you’re experienced and just don’t want to miss anything. In Part 2, we do everything important in Liurnia before heading to Altus Plateau

0:00 – Intro and overview of NPCs and Quests in Liurnia
0:30 – How to get 75,000-100,000 Runes from Greyoll Dragon in Caelid
1:01 – Boc Quest and starting Hyetta Quest, (“As You Wish” Gesture)
1:34 – Starting Thops’s Quest
1:53 – Where to get a Lantern in Liurnia
2:02 – Where to get Flame of the Fell God (Legendary Incantation)
2:15 – Patchest, Rya, and Blackguard Quests
3:00 – IMPORTANT DECISION for Blackguard Boggart’s Quest (if he dies or lives)
4:21 – Progressing Boggart’s Quest (Choice 1, “Spread Out Gesture”, Boggart will die)
4:42 – Giving Rya back her necklace (Volcano Manor Invitation)
4:56 – Diallos Quest (Lanya in Liurnia)
5:16 – Final Liurnia Map Fragment, and where to get Smithing Stone Miner’s Bell Bearing [1]
5:38 – Varre Quest (Festering Bloody Fingers and Lord of Blood’s Favor)
6:35 – Latenna/Albus and Nepheli Quest Steps in Village of the Albinaurics
8:00 – Ensha invading at Roundtable Hold (Royal Remains Armor Set)
8:35 – Nepheli and Diallos Quest steps at Roundtable Hold
9:16 – How to get to Latenna/Slumbering Wolf Shack (Lakeside Crystal Cave Walkthrough)
10:12 – Starting Latenna’s Quest at Slumbering Wolf Shack (where to get Latenna the Albinauric Spirit Ashes)
10:30 – Edgar the Revenger Invader (Shabriri Grape) and Academy Glintstone Key
11:39 – Nepheli and Varre Quests (Four Belfries and Chapel of Anticipation)
12:51 – Finishing Varre Quest
13:23 – Meeting Iji NPC (Carian Filigreed Crest Talisman) and getting Hoarfrost Stomp before going to the Grand Lift of Dectus Site of Grace.
14:35 – Hyetta Quest – How to get to the Church of Inhibition (Vyke Invader)
15:34 – Rogier Quest – How to get Black Knifeprint (Black Knife Catacombs Walkthrough)
16:33 – Boc Quest – Gold Sewing Needle Location (Church of Vows)
17:02 – Rogier Quest – Giving Rogier the Black Knifeprint and talking to Fia about Rogier
17:37 – Ranni Quest – Caria Manor Walkthrough
18:16 – Where to find Sword of Night and Flame (Legendary Armament)
18:55 – How to get to Ranni’s Rise – Caria Manor Walkthrough
19:25 – Starting Ranni’s Questline as part of Rogier’s Questline
20:00 – Starting Seluvis’s Questline (Seluvis’s Potion)
20:21 – Where to find Pidia, Carian Servant NPC
20:50 – Finishing Rogier’s Questline (Spellblade Armor Set and Rogier’s Letter)
21:27 – Hyetta’s Quest – Giving Hyetta Shabriri Grape and Finding Shabriri Grape at Purified Ruins
21:56 – Hyetta’s Quest – Giving Hyetta Shabriri Grape at Gate Town Bridge (and telling her they are human eyes)
22:17 – Hyetta’s Quest – Giving Hyetta the Fingerprint Grape at Bellum Church
22:33 – Yura Quest – Ravenmount Assassin Encounter/Invasion (Raptor of the Mists Ash of War)
23:13 – Raya Lucaria Academy Walkthrough (Main Academy Gate)
23:49 – Raya Lucaria Academy Walkthrough (Church of the Cuckoo)
24:26 – Warning about the Iron Maiden Abductor (Abductor Virgin) enemy near Schoolhouse Classroom
24:47 – Raya Lucaria Academy Walkthrough (Schoolhouse Classroom)
25:20 – Where to get Radagon Icon (Legendary Talisman)
25:50 – Thops Quest – Where to get second Academy Glintstone Key (Walkthrough)
27:39 – Finishing Thops’s Quest (“Erudition” Gesture, Thops’s Barrier Sorcery and Ash of War, Academy Glintstone Staff)
28:15 – Raya Lucaria Academy Walkthrough (Debate Parlor)
29:27 – Rebirth Explained and how to get “Balled Up” Gesture
29:42 – Siofra River Map Fragment Location (Walkthrough)
31:02 – Blaidd and Ranni Quest – Learning about the Nokron, Eternal City and The Radahn Festival
32:01 – Optional Dialogue with Iji about Blaidd and Nokron, Eternal City
32:11 – Speaking with Finger Ringer Enia to get 2nd Talisman Pouch
32:23 – Fia’s Quest – Giving the Weathered Dagger to D, Hunter of the Dead
32:48 – Warning, do NOT sell the Twinned Armor set, it is needed to fully complete Fia’s Questline
33:04 – Closing Remarks and where to get more help with quests in Liurnia

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Latenna Full Questline | Latenna the Albinauric Location | Elden Ring

STEP 1: Get the Haligtree Secret Medallion (Right) – Village of the Albinaurics 00:00
STEP 2: Find Latenna (Lakeside Crystal Cave) 03:55
STEP 3: Get the Haligtree Secret Medallion (Left) – Castle Sol 08:44
STEP 4: Reach Consecrated Snowfield (Grand Lift of Rold) 11:24
STEP 5: Summon Latenna in Apostate Derelict 14:40

This is the Gameplay Walkthrough of ELDEN RING (2022). This Walkthrough is a step-by-step guide of LATENNA’s Full Questline in Elden Ring. This guide will also show you Latenna’s Location and will also show you how to get to Consecrated Snowfield.

Elden Ring Game Guide: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL_l3PEDN9zYhVme9xDud2bRSNCcWbgwKG
Played on PC:
Intel i7-10700k CPU @ 3.8Ghz
GeForce RTX 3070